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Malignu Earth Music Group
By Simone Posted in Nomadic Sounds, Video on 8 July 2011 0 Comments 1 min read
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Nomadic Hands has teamed up with MALIGNU Earth Music Group with the aim of advocating social and  environmental issues in a creative and healing way.

In December 2010 MALIGNU earth music group formed in Negros Islands, the Philippines. The band is made up of a collection of international and multi-instrumental musician-artists. The artists perform collaborative world music at environmental advocacy events and facilitate various youth workshops at environmental and artistic events. The musicians use a wide range of instruments including the didgeridoo, djembe, clarinet, bamboo flute, kubing, tibetan singing bowls, instruments made out of recycled materials and other (mostly indigenous) musical instruments.

Check out the latest video clip ‘Primal Search’

Contact: malignu @

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