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Rainbow Gatherings
By Simone Posted in Documentary, Get Involved, Human Rights, News, South America, The Environment, Uncategorized, Volunteerism on 10 February 2013 2 Comments 2 min read
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Towards the end of 2012 Nomadic Hands was making their way towards Venezuela from Central America to meet with one of their partner organisations Peace Villages Foundation. On the way, they were guided by a couple of socially and environmentally aware travellers, to a rainbow community in the north of Colombia. This experience allowed for Nomadic Hands to develop a further understanding of fundamental approaches to global improvements and to recognise that their support for small, free or low cost groups, should continue.

Rainbow gatherings are held all over the world, and our experience of travelling with the family from Colombia through to Guatemala and Mexico showed absolute acceptance, love and light. We lived and adventured with artists, musicians, performers and all walks of life from hundreds of countries and learn’t how to live minimally in the mainstream system. It was just what Nomadic Hands needed to experience in order to be reminded of what is most important for enhancing our natural way of life, and to remember what real grassroots values are:

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Non-violence
  • Environmentalism
  • Non-consumerism and non-commercialism
  • Volunteerism
  • Respect for others
  • Consensus process
  • Diversity

The rainbow family, which Simone Francis (Nomadic Hands’ Founding Facilitator) now sees herself part of, believes that cities, mainstream society, modern lifestyles and systems of government (which they refer to as babylon) are unhealthy, unsustainable, exploitative and out of harmony with the natural systems of the planet. Nomadic Hands tends to agree. Joining the Rainbow family is very simple – Search ‘Rainbow gatherings’ online in a search engine or on Facebook.

This experience had also led Nomadic Hands to learn more about indigenous cultures, natural and alternative medicine including element (eg. sun and moon) healing, and mental health. The Rainbow family offered amazing performances with powerful messages in city streets, in small and large communities, and in institutions such as children’s cancer hospitals and universities. Nomadic Hands certainly sees a vision of protecting nature and helping people in a very different way to before 2012.

After many years of filming a documentary about how to leave a consumerist society, Nomadic Hands was in the long process of post production. However due to technological advances and issues, the film is now being recorded as a book ‘Rabbit in the Moon’.

‘Rabbit in the Moon’  is about one woman’s personal journey as she tries to leave a consumerist lifestyle by delving into freeganism, waste management, social entrepreneurialism and alternative lifestyles throughout Australia, Asia and Latin America. It is a real adventure with possibilities for global economic change.

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