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Global Leaders Program
By Simone Posted in Australia & Oceania, Events, News, Volunteerism on 13 November 2019 0 Comments 3 min read
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The Global Leaders Program (GLP) empowers youth by providing inspirational information about self-initiating dream careers through intercultural community exchanges. GLP encourages active participation, allowing young people to learn first-hand how to create lasting and effective change.

We are offering high schools and universities around the world, the opportunity to take part!

Speeches and workshops make up the program and are offered mainly to young people aged 16 to 24. They can be delivered within schools, universities, youth centres, volunteer agencies, and other locations.

Global Leaders Workshops improve young people’s careers by increasing their motivation in seeking for work that they are truly passionate about. Participants gain further awareness about affordable volunteer and work experiences around the globe, they learn how to improve their language capabilities and confidence through self initiated cultural immersion, and they also gain knowledge about how to express their adventures effectively through creative media.

The workshops are a combination of information, activities, and unique work, volunteer and travel adventure stories. Covering the following topics, they can also be tailored to suit specific learning requirements:

  • Social Entrepreneurship – Learn how to create and manage social business 
  • Exploring the world cultures – Become immersed with indigenous and culturally diverse people and communities across the world.
  • Volunteering– Find and contact free and low cost volunteer programs around the world and choose a program most suited to your passion.
  • Working your way around the world- From working in hospitality in England to the snowfields in Canada, and teaching english in China, learn how to earn money while travelling the world.
  • Low cost travel– Travel anywhere in the world on an extremely low budget. Learn how to get cheaper flights, food, and free accommodation.
  • Artistic adventures– Gain knowledge about effectively telling your travel and/or volunteer adventure stories through creative media including writing, photography, documentaries and video.
  • Safety when travelling- Learn how to travel as safely as possible when travelling anywhere in the world.
  • Living your dream job– Discovering and achieving your dream career.

We are also able to offer a free inspirational and motivational 10-15 minute speech about living dreams while helping others, to large groups such as school assemblies. 

The speech is presented by Simone Francis, An intrepid global traveller who has experience working, volunteering and travelling throughout 20 countries. She has lived with an Amazonian tribal community to film a documentary about oil exploitation and has built volunteer and donor capacity for over 30 volunteers and their organisations by producing online blogs with written, photographed and videoed content.



Nutshell workshop (1 1/2 hrs) – $150AUD
Half day workshop (3hrs) – $270AUD

Inspirational Speech – Free with any workshop purchase

(prices can be negotiated depending upon location)

If you are interested in running a Nomadic Hands- Global Leaders workshop or for further information email

We appreciate your business greatly and hope we can work together to bring motivation, inspiration and knowledge to the youth of Australia.

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