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Internship Program
By Simone Posted in Get Involved, Global Locations, Volunteerism on 1 January 2020 0 Comments 6 min read
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This Internship is an excellent opportunity for those looking to lead an adventurous, out of the box lifestyle, while contributing to worldwide social projects on a local scale.

So if you are:

  • Looking to pursue a travelling career in Creative Social Business, Multi-Media, or Community Project Management
  • Seeking a purposeful time out from life as you know it
  • Desire a unique cultural immersion while putting your skills to use

Then we would love to hear from you!

To apply for an internship send an email of interest to info @

Click to view our information package: Internship Program – 2012


“Throughout my internship with Simone, I had such a wonderful experience learning about social entrepreneurship and the culture of the Philippines. Working in a developing country was something very new to me. Time there has taught me what it is like to work in a different environment, and the experience has given me confidence to work in any environment. Being flexible and adjusting to its working culture is also what I’ve learned. I cannot thank Simone enough for providing a once in a lifetime opportunity, filled with great fun! She is definitely an inspirational person and friend for life. I remember her telling me that Nomadic Hands is a way of life for her. I believe the world will be a better place when her spirit is spread across the world.”

Yukiko Kishimoto of Japan, Nomadic Hands Intern 2013

“The Nomadic Hands intern programme, the way I experienced it, was a fantastic opportunity to immerse into a different life. I joined Simone in her everyday life in the Philippines, from sleeping arrangements over eating habits to meeting with the people Nomadic Hands works with. I think if you consider joining this programme you need to be open to take in whatever it can give you, don’t expect to be presented with a finished curiculum. If you can do this, you’ll be in for a really fun and unforgettable ride! ‘Give it a go’, as Simone says. You may feel challenged on levels you weren’t expecting to be challenged on, you will certainly need to step back on personal habits and go with a new flow (as in every integration into different environments) and the good news is that this is actually a very unique gift – and once you get into the groove you will love it , you will make innumerable experiences, you will learn for life and cherish it for a long time after.”

Laura Schummer of Luxembourg, Nomadic Hands Intern 2012

I have had a fantastic time working with Nomadic Hands as well as learning a lot and feeling like I made a small difference in the world.  It is by no means a 9-5 internship, and every day is different. I wanted to gain real hands-on experience in filming documentaries, which is exactly what I did as soon as I started with Nomadic Hands. I got to research, film and edit documentaries, as well as organisation videos.  I learned how to use a HDV camera and how to edit with Final Cut Pro. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a career in media, sustainable living or social enterprise.”

Charlotte Hawkins of the UK, Nomadic Hands Intern 2011


  • Create awareness about animal welfare, human rights and environmental conservation, and show the common links between these sectors.
  • Encourage others to live out their dreams whilst positively contributing to the environment, animals and humanity.
  • Encourage people to experience the rewards of humanitarian efforts firsthand.
  • Acknowledge people from many different countries who contribute to the world with positive action and intention.
  • Improve relations between NGO’s in different areas of the world, and facilitate networking and collaboration.

Note: Internship schedules are based on the intern’s, and director’s agreed schedule, which are discussed and planned out during the initial stages of the internship.


A typical Volunteer Intern who wants to join this unique project needs to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, ready for a challenge and have a desire to take initiative. Friendliness, care, commitment and patience are among important qualities. This role is critical in ensuring awareness about each participating individual, group and/or organisation is brought to the attention of the public with truthfulness, and cultural sensitivity.

  • Min age 18 – Max age 60
  • Minimum 1 month commitment
  • Reasonable physical fitness
  • Motivation to work in journalism and the community sector
  • Full travel & medical insurance
  • Full vaccinations
  • Necessary flights and visas (You will need to cover the airfare to project location at that time)
  • Payment must be made one month prior to internship commencement.
  • Signed waiver form, returned via email.

Program cost per month: $475.00 AUD (includes GST)

Internship payments are for fundraising purposes and go directly into Nomadic Hands’ current and future project running costs. This contribution helps Nomadic Hands to gain dedicated volunteers who are genuinely keen to commit to the enterprises development.

Accommodation, food, and travel expenses are your own responsibility, although information support is offered by Nomadic Hands.

To apply for an internship send an email of interest to  info @

Click to view our current information package: Internship Program – 2012

.Past information packages: Internship Program – 2011

Terms and Conditions

We need to maintain a good working relationships with our partners and the communities we work with. We may decide to make a financial or other contribution to programs to ensure the planned work will be done and the projects will not suffer. We practice flexibility with all aspects of daily work and life at the organisation but when it comes to finances we are not as flexible because donations are spend and committed as soon as donations are made available! When you book your placement please keep in mind that you book according with your minimum time commitment and later expand your stay as you go!

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